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Values & Vision

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Reinvent Continuously

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Our Mission

It’s our goal to grow a multi-generational business while honoring and glorifying Christ, while also serving our customers and employees in a Godly environment. We strive to be a dynamic company where employees are honest and humble in spirit and ultimately create excellent products and relationships that last for generations.

What we believe

What we believe

At Abner Henry, we take very seriously our great purpose on earth. We believe it is our responsibility to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, continually in our business and personal lives and to be responsible stewards and servants to all we encounter. This informs every decision we make.


We’re also deeply committed to a sustainable future. We care about where our furniture materials come from and the impact we leave on the environment. Our hardwoods are sourced within the United States and most of our materials come from within 30 minutes of our Mt. Hope location.



Hardwood products that are treated correctly can last longer than a lifetime. That’s why Abner Henry treats our furniture with the highest quality varnish and ProTekt finish — we want your furniture to last for generations. When wood lasts a long time, less energy is spent on the production of new products, which benefits the environment in the long term.