Obsessed with design

American-made philosophy

We live in a time when many furniture companies take their manufacturing overseas in order to cut corners and costs — and consider that to give them a competitive edge. It’s our belief that manufacturing quality furniture here in America is what gives us our competitive edge.

We sustainably harvest North American hardwoods that are then processed and sent to our Ohio factory for construction. Every piece of Abner Henry furniture is carefully crafted in the United States.

Our roots

Our heritage is one with a strong reputation for quality and hard work. When people think of Amish ideals, they also think of fair prices, care in craftsmanship, and honesty. In essence, our heritage is one of inherent trust.

That’s not an accolade we take lightly. It’s a high standard to uphold, and that’s what we strive to do on every project. We want to combine innovative designs with trusted craftsmanship to create furniture that is uniquely yours.


Abner lived in a time when furniture was thought to have no place beyond pure function. But he believed that the spirit in which furniture is made, and the story behind it, is far more important than its basic function.

Much of our story comes from the values of tradition and honoring the past, regardless of the changing world. For most people, this comes in direct conflict with the notions of innovation and cutting-edge design — but not for us. We exist in the tension between traditional norms and breathtaking innovation. And we invite you to come along.

Here is where you’ll find designs with a spirit of ingenuity and edge. Furniture that forces you to stop and pay attention. And while you’re looking, you’ll understand the legacy of a piece has roots in both its craftsmanship and its purpose — and the part it plays in your story.