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Bar Cabinet

Serena Pulitzer Lederer, 1889. Gustav Klimt. Purchase, Wolfe Fund, and Rogers and Munsey Funds, Gift of Henry Walters, and Bequests of Catharine Lorillard Wolfe and Collis P. Huntington, by exchange, 1980

On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 829


In this portrait by Gustav Klimt, Serena Pulitzer Lederer is the picture of beautiful contrast. She evokes strength and confidence, but also femininity and delicacy. She’s poised perfectly.

Klimt captured her poise with small, detailed brushstrokes on her face, and long, blended lines on the rest of her body.


Translucency, Delicacy, Resolute


Serena stands tall and proud, but also delicate and resolved. This is what the Abner Henry team set out to capture in this bar cabinet.

In order to capture the flare of Serena’s silhouette in the form of this cabinet, a single piece of wood was bent, curving around the top and flaring at the base. This detail is critical to creating an uninterrupted, seamless profile that echoes the nature of the original painting.

The translucent, ghost-like nature of the painting is reflected in uniquely-poured glass doors, creating depth. A focal point is the custom-blown glass decanter set upon the center shelf, a sharp detail among soft shapes.

30″W x 20″D x 75″H, 275lbs.

*Limited Edition – Only 70 Available

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“The special textured glass reflects our spiritual journey from birth to death, flowing from the bottom to the top. In our life, there are waves, but the more mature your faith, the clearer your vision becomes, and the better you see God. 1 Corinthians 13:12”

— Ernest Hershberger, Founder of Abner Henry

Serena Bar Cabinet