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Finding the perfect piece for your space can be harrowing. Perhaps you’ve found the right piece, but it’s the wrong size, or the hardware is not what you were imagining. Abner Henry offers options in finish, hardware, sizing, and wood species. Whether you choose to replace one element, or reimagine a piece entirely, with your imagination and our expertise, we can create one-of-a-kind furniture for you and you only.

Hardwood Table

Any Hardwood

Choose from our selection of North American hardwoods.

Flexible Dimensions

With our Vue Point program, you can modify the height, width, and depth of any piece to tailor it perfectly for your space.

Any Dimension

Any Finish

Achieve the perfect look by choosing from our extensive library of casual, painted, faux, and dyed finishes.

Any Hardware

Choose from our selection or provide your own.

Whitlock Aquamarine Round Knob
Ledger Gold Rectangular Knob
Lennox Gold Drop Handle