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From A Storybook Village Comes An Exclusive Collaboration You Must Be Part Of:

Hidden away in the Ohio countryside is a town you’ve never heard of. It’s a place where the pace is set by the metronome of horse-drawn buggies. The lifestyle is one of simplicity.

Streets don’t need stoplights here. The slowness means there’s plenty of time to stop and greet your neighbor. And in this town, that’s everyone.

In this storybook village, a community of old-world craftsmen create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces using centuries-old techniques, honed over decades of tradition.

This place, uninterrupted by mainstream culture, produces designs that combine time-honored craftsmanship with cutting-edge designs.

It is an enigma. A contradiction of old and new, past and present, tradition and innovation. It’s the home of Abner Henry.

The Met

A few hundred miles away, in a perfect poetic contrast: New York City. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Home to centuries of history and beauty. A space where global innovation and culture live. The perfect combination of design and inspiration. The house where art lives.

And now together, Abner Henry and The Met combine to create something wholly different. Furniture crafted with old-world technique, with designs inspired by the magic and art of The Met.

This spring, Abner Henry will release a limited collection of numbered pieces designed specifically to honor history, technique, and artistry, championed by The Met.
Come along as we explore the paths between a deeply rooted past and a pioneering future — with furniture that inspires.