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Curly Maple HD 2988-20


Maple is known for its light and smooth appearance. The creamy white of Maple sapwood, accented with red to brown specks is the perfect palette for Abner Henry finishes. This hardwood is often uniform and straight-grained in nature, but also occurs in other textures, such as curly maple.

Curly Maple

Curly Maple is not its own species, but rather a variety of Maple named for the curly appearance of its grain. This variation of Maple has rich ripples that add dimension and depth to an otherwise subtle wood.

Red Oak

Red Oak is light brown to medium brown with a slightly red cast. It is porous with a coarse, straight-grained texture.

Hickory HD 4018-30


Hickory is pale red to brown in nature and is the densest and strongest American hardwood. It is coarse in texture with a fine grain.

Cherry DS 1418


Cherry has a distinct red hue, and is refined and luxurious. The wood ages beautifully and has a smooth and soft texture with a dark grain.

Rustic Cherry

Rustic cherry is similar in color to traditional cherry, and is characterized by knots and pits that give it a beautiful and natural look.

White Oak

White Oak is light to medium brown and has a subtle, olive cast. It is strong and durable with a slightly coarse grain which produces beautiful patterns.

Quarter Sawn White Oak

Quarter Sawn White Oak has a distinct grain pattern which features eye-catching ray fleck patterns. This is a popular choice for fine furniture and other wooden features in North American homes.

Rift Sawn White Oak

Rift Sawn White Oak has an elegant and linear grain pattern and does not have the fleck patterns that are seen in Quarter Sawn White Oak.

Walnut DS-3044


Walnut comes in a dark, rich brown. This hardwood sometimes has a purple cast and is known for its varied texture. Its grain ranges from straight to wavy and curly interruption.