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Kaslar Nightstand

28″W x 18″D x 30″H
Maple HD-4287-20, 5 Sheen Finish
Base MS-9508
Hardware TK544AG

36″W x 22″D x 32″H
Red Oak
HD-4276-10, 5 Sheen Finish
Black Beeswax MC-9515 Base
Hardware GV1204.MC9516

24″W x 171/2″D x 20″H
HD-2079, 30 Sheen Finish
Hardware 931-MSL

32″W x 20″D x 26″H
Curly Maple
HD-2737-30, 30 Sheen Finish
Antique Brushed Brass, Matte MC-9513-M Base
Hardware GV1224.MC9513M

34″W x 21″D x 31″H
HD-4044-20, 30 Sheen Finish
Stainless Steel, Polished MP-9501 Base
Hardware 52-26

30″W x 19″D x 29″H
Red Oak
HD-4278-20, 5 Sheen Finish
Hardware 159096904

Simplicity goes a long way. This is demonstrated in the Kaslar Nightstand, a clean design with significant options. Notice how size, wood, finish, and hardware customizations transform this piece to fit a range of style groups. What could you create with this?

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