Textured Finishes

Simply put, texture is what you feel on the surface of a piece. But if you look deeper, you’ll see that the texture of a piece changes its mood. Natural wood grains have rich, beautiful texture. These can be enhanced with different brushing or distressing techniques that give the wood a truly unique appearance when covered with stain or finish. You’ll find variations in the color that give the piece life and story.

02 Hickory HD-2417-20

03 Maple DS-1030

04 Maple HD-2622-20

05 Maple HD-2733-30

06 Walnut HD-2685-20

07 QSWO HD-2601-20

08 Oak HD-2701-30

09 Oak HD-2946-20

10 Maple HD-2225-10

12 Walnut HD-2616-20

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