Dye Finishes

Curly maple, or tiger maple, becomes a show-stopping wood when Abner Henry applies our dye finishes to it. As a species, maple has the best characteristics for accepting this kind of finish. When dye is applied, it settles deep into the softest parts of the wood, creating rich, contrasting ‘stripes’ that create an intense depth. The natural beauty of the wood shines through in a wholly unique way. Our two most popular dye finishes are Electric Gray and Titanic Blue.

01 Oak HD-2891-10

02 Oak HD-2609-10

03 Walnut HD-2859-10

04 RSWO HD-2701-30

05 Hickory DS-1585

06 Rustic Oak HD-2333-20

08 Maple HD-2875-10

09 Walnut HD-2863-20

10 Hickory DS-1030

11 Hickory HD-2532-20

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