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Nesting Tables

The Monet Family

The Monet Family in Their Garden at Argenteuil, 1874. Edouard Manet. Bequest of Joan Whitney Payson, 1975.

Currently not on view at The Met

Inspiration & Interpretation

To me, there is no piece that embodies the notion of forgiveness quite like our Duet Nesting Tables, inspired by the 1874 painting by Edouard Manet that captures the Monet family in their garden. The painting exudes peace as Claude Monet appears to be watering flowers as his wife, Camille Monet, and their son, Jean, are nestled together, relaxing in the grass. Manet’s painting of this fleeting moment seems to capture a contentment that we all desire. In our nesting tables, we wanted to mirror this feeling of closeness. It is my belief that forgiveness and humility are the only things that can make peaceful moments in our own “gardens” possible.

The most difficult hurdle in creating our nesting tables was somehow finding a way to get 24-karat gold dust into the grain of the wood, which we were told had never been done before. In the smaller table, which was representational to us of Camille and Jean, we wanted to insert dust into the grain that was even more valuable than 24-karat gold to represent the subtle power of feminine nurturing portrayed in the painting. We went with platinum.

Getting 24-karat gold dust and platinum dust into the grain required meticulously grinding down the soft grains of wood so that minuscule valleys would be created to receive and hold the dust. This process symbolized the often grueling nature of forgiveness and the humility it requires. There is no room for ego in true forgiveness. But the result is a peaceful inner state echoing that of a loving, accepting family contently going about their day in a garden.

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Duet Nesting Tables

"It is my belief that forgiveness and humility are the only things that can make peaceful moments in our own "gardens" possible."

Ernest Hershberger


Duet Nesting Tables 2

Tender, Harmonious, Placid

Large Table: 50″L x 30″W x 22″H, 85lbs.
Small Table: 40″L x 20″W x 20″H, 62lbs.

*Limited Edition – Only 70 Available

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“The significance of this piece is multilayered. In one way, it represents family and the protection of a husband over a wife, a mother over a child. The larger table is cherishing, providing love and safety. It is also a visual representation of Good versus Evil. The larger top 24k gold in grain shines bright from the light, if you are with Christ. The dark side can represent evil and darkness, Satan.”

— Ernest Hershberger, Founder of Abner Henry

Duet Nesting Tables