High Definition Color

Get access to one of the most extensive color selections available from any furniture manufacturer in our Color Lab.

  • More than 3,000 proprietary colors and finishes available
  • Samples available
  • Color experts on staff to advise on the way different species work with different colors
  •  Color matching: send us any existing sample and we will match it exactly
  • High Definition colors: we create depth by layering multiple colors to achieve a stunning finish
  • All of our colors are applied to real wood, which varies in its natural color from species to species, making each finish truly one-of-a-kind


– Any screws or other finishing hardware are always stained to match the piece and hidden so all you see is a seamless finish
– Attention to detail means that every side of the piece has stain and finish, including the undersides


– Always mounted under the drawer so you don’t even know it’s there
– No matter how hard a drawer is shut, it can’t be slammed

Soft Close


– Prevents sagging, noise vibration, and splintering of the drawer and its unit
– Keeps doors from sagging

Soft Spacer
Green Mindset


– Abner Henry takes extra steps to lessen our carbon footprint
– We are a Certified Green furniture producer

Dovetail Drawers


– All four sides of every drawer have a dovetail joint
– Promotes longevity and keeps drawers from disconnecting

Hand Forged

– Any furniture with a metal detail or base is hand-forged in the United States
– Our master blacksmith crafts each piece by hand

Hand Forged Iron


– Highest level of protection on wood without clouding the wood grain
– Can withstand water rings, acidic substances, and heat up to 200 degrees

Protekt Finish